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Condemnation of Hillary Clinton's
"Basket of Deplorables" Comments —
Remarks by Donald Trump

September 12, 2016

Donald Trump delivered remarks to the National Guard Association in Baltimore, Maryland. He condemned Hillary Clinton for calling his supporters “a basket of deplorables.” What follows is a partial transcript:

Hillary Clinton spoke with hatred and derision for the people who make this country run. She spoke with contempt for the people who thanklessly follow the rules, pay their taxes, and scratch out a living for their family – a hard-earned living too.

While Hillary Clinton lives a sequestered life, behind gates and walls and guards, she mocks and demeans hard working Americans who only want their own families to enjoy a fraction of the security enjoyed by our politicians.

After months of hiding from the press, Hillary Clinton has revealed her true thoughts. That was her true thoughts. She revealed herself to be a person who looks down on the proud citizens of our country, as subjects for her rule. She views it as her rule.

Her comments display the same sense of arrogance and entitlement that led to violation of federal law as Secretary of State, hide and delete emails – nobody’s ever done anything like that before – put classified information in the reach of our enemies, lied to Congress, and sell government favors and access through her foundation.

It’s the same attitude that explains why Hillary Clinton refuses to take accountability for the deadly disasters she helped create in Iraq, in Syria and in Libya. To this day, she won’t take accountability for her role in unleashing – and that’s what happened – unleashing, ISIS across the Middle East, or for putting Iran on a path to nuclear weapons. And as far as ISIS is concerned, probably unleashing ISIS here – we better be very, very smart, tough, and vigilant, or we’re gonna have big problems.

Hillary Clinton believes she’s above the law, that she is above accountability, and that she is above each and every one of you.

Our campaign is about giving voice to the voiceless. It is about representing the forgotten men and women of this country, and they have been forgotten. I’m here to represent everyone, but especially those who are struggling against injustice and unfairness. I am running so that the powerful can no longer beat up on the powerless. I’m running to take on the special interests, the big donors, and the corrupt political insiders. And of course, never forget the special interests. I am running to be your voice.

Hillary Clinton is a voice for Wall Street, for hedge fund managers, for top, really the top ten percent, and really the top one percent, and even less than that. Just look at the people funding Hillary Clinton’s campaign and paying for her speeches, tremendous amounts of money, and you know who she will be representing if she ever won, which I don’t believe is going to happen.