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Speeches by Rudy Giuliani and
Jeff Sessions at Republican Campaign
Rally in Phoenix, Arizona

August 31, 2016

Rudy Giuliani and Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions spoke to the crowd in Phoenix before Donald Trump's speech on immigration Wednesday night.

Rudy Giuliani

Thank you.

Thank you very very much. You know you're not really loud enough.

I just had the great honor, I'm so privileged because I believe I just got an opportunity all day today to witness history being made with Donald, with Donald Trump's courageous trip to go to Mexico to go meet the President of Mexico. Hillary Clinton doesn't seem to be able—

["Video Alarm Detected Service ID 1 (1670)"]

—and I can tell you—

Well, I'll tell you what. I'm gonna put this hat on...

[Puts on white baseball cap that reads: "Make Mexico Great Again Also"]

He — Donald Trump made clear that he obviously understands and respects and admires tremendously the contributions of Mexican-Americans that have come here legally over the years — first generation, second generation, third generation, the tremendous contribution they've made to the United States and how much he loves them.

He also made it clear that illegal immigration hurts both countries. Donald Trump will secure our borders, and Hillary Clinton will not. It's as simple as that. Donald Trump will build a wall. She'll open our borders even more.

Look at the situation with the Syrian refugees. This is really very hard to understand. It's really hard to understand — we have all these refugees from Syria, all of that caused by the fact that President Obama and Hillary Clinton have totally ruined the middle east. Hillary Clinton is running on her experience as Secretary of State. Based on her experience as Secretary of State, I wouldn't hire her as the dog catcher in New York City. Not only that, based, based on how she handled top-secret information, she wouldn't pass an FBI background check for a government position. And they want to make her President, can you imagine that? I wouldn't let her near an FBI office or a U.S. Attorney's office. Any place sensitive. I wouldn't put sensitive information in her hands, because as the Director of the FBI says, she was "extremely careless." Hillary-

[Repeated crowd chants of: "Lock her up"]

—no, let's beat her.

You know, you know...

[Motions with his arms to the crowd to let him speak]

Haven't you figured out already that Washington is so rigged, she is not going to get indicted, even though she should?

[Crowd boos.]

Don't you know that you would've been indicted and arrested now, eight months ago, ten months ago, if you did what she did? If you destroyed 33,000 emails? And now we find that she lied about them. "They didn't contain references to Benghazi." A lie. They contain references to Benghazi. "They didn't contain top-secret material." A lie. They contain top-secret material. Those are all federal crimes. Every single one of them.

And then look what she did to our State Department. You wanted to get something out of the State Department, you had to fork over big bucks to the Clinton Foundation. I'm not talking little money here, I'm big bucks. Thirty million. Forty million. Who were the donors? Who were the donors? A money launderer. A convicted criminal. Several dictators who oppress women. And she's a feminist? And she takes millions and millions and millions of dollars, and her husband takes millions of dollars of speaking fees from dictators, oppressors, from people who discriminate against women, from people who run countries where women can't drive cars. And she has the nerve to say the Republican party has a war on women? The biggest war on women are all those people she was taking money from.

[More crowd chants of: "Lock her up"]

And now...

[Continued crowd chants of: "Lock her up"]

And now, and now, and now we have the President of the United States allowing Syrian refugees to come into the United States.

[Crowd boos.]

He's even displacing military installations so we can put these Syrian refugees there. Now, every single, every single person that I can find in his administration that has law enforcement and intelligence capability — from Jim Comey on down — tells you the people from Syria cannot be vetted. It means they can't be properly investigated. There are no records in Syria to figure out if they are terrorists or they are not terrorists. Now, you don't have to do too much guesswork. ISIS has told us, that they are going to put terrorists in among the refugees in order to infiltrate Europe, and the United States — we don't have enough terrorists here already? Obama is bringing in more, and ISIS is telling him that? Come on.

[Crowd boos.]

Come on.

So. You want to stop all that? You want a secure border? You want more jobs? You want a President who can sit down like Donald Trump did today with the President of Mexico and have a frank and clear discussion and explain what we need for the United States? You want a President with energy and drive? You want a President who can fight for you? And not for the special interests who give her and her husband millions and millions of dollars? You want a man who can't be bought?

[Crowd shouts "Yes!"]

Well who is it?

[Crowd shouts Trump's name.]

It is my honor — I'm gonna put my hat back on again — it's my honor and privilege to introduce to you one of the truly great United States senators — he's been a friend of mine for so long that I don't like to say it because it'll tell you how long and how old I am, but we worked together in the Justice Department for many years. He is now one of our best United States senators, he was with me today on the historic trip to Mexico, he's a senator from Alabama, Senator Jeff Sessions!

Jeff Sessions

[Senator Sessions puts the "Make Mexico Great Again Also" cap on his head as he steps up to the podium.]

Hey, let's put that back on!

It is a fabulous crowd here tonight. I gotta tell you how excited that makes us all feel. We're on the right track, I'll tell you, we're turning this country around. But isn't it a fact, that over 60% of the American people, for many years now, have found and believe and stated to pollsters, they believe this country is on the wrong track? Isn't that true? And we're concerned about our country, we love our country, we want it to be better. Let me ask you a question. Does Hillary Clinton even understand we're on the wrong track?

[Crowd shouts "No!"]

You are right. She believes things are fine as they are, we need more of the same. There's one man with the strength, the courage, the determination, the guts, to challenge the things that are going wrong in this country and put us on the right track and that's Donald J. Trump.

She does not have the determination and will and strength to do it and we all know it, and indeed her ideas are wrong, anyway. Let me tell you this. We're going to hear tonight from Donald Trump, and you're going to hear—

[Crowd starts chanting Trump's name. Sessions raises his hands to speak.]


[Crowd continues chanting Trump's name.]

Thank you. You're gonna hear some, you're gonna hear the best-laid-out law enforcement to fix this country's immigration system, that's been stated in this country, maybe forever, it's going to be so good. You're going to be proud and pleased about that.

I've been watching this issue for a long time. And I've gotta tell you I'm concerned about it. We've not done what needs to be done, to strengthen this country. Okay.

[Indistinct sounds from crowd.]

We'll explain (in a) minute.

[More indistinct sounds from crowd, which sounds restless.]

Alright. So. Friends — let me tell you. We've got great work to do. Very important work. I believe, it's absolutely clear to me, that this may be, and indeed is, the last chance we have to restore a lawful system of immigration that serves the national interest. The American people have been asking for this, pleading for it for over thirty years. All they've wanted is a lawful system that we can be proud of, that helps serve our people, and make(s) this nation better and healthier. I believe that it's good, and right, and moral, and just, and we're going to move in that direction. It's going to be a special night tonight. Let me say this to you. I am so pleased and want to celebrate and, and, and, congratulate my Chairman of the Armed Services Committee John McCain for his victory, and we look forward to seeing him come back, in November—

[Distinct booing sounds from the crowd.]

—we need John McCain. I'll tell you, we do. Let me tell you. Colleagues, we have a great ticket. Mike Pence, Governor Mike Pence, is a truly wonderful person. He loves America, he cares about our country and its values, he is a man of integrity and decency, he's a proven congressman, he rose up through the ranks as a conservative, and fought against the establishment really in the House, and advocated values that I think are the kind of things that most of you and I share. He then got elected Governor and [had] a great record as Governor of Indiana, and he's a friend of mine, a man I admire greatly, I think it speaks highly of Donald Trump that he chose him as his Vice Presidential nominee, and so colleagues and friends, so let's welcome the next Vice President of America, Mike Pence!