Lauren Manning Convention Speech —
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2016 Democratic National Convention
Speech by Lauren Manning

July 26, 2016

Lauren Manning was a former executive and partner at Cantor Fitzgerald. She is one of the most catastrophically wounded survivors of 9/11. Lauren battled single digit odds of survival, spending more than six months in the hospital and fought recovering through the next decade from an 82.5% total body burn.

When I arrived at the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11th, 2001, I was a partner at Cantor Fitzgerald.

A moment later, my life changed forever. I was burned over 82 percent of my body, my chances of survival next to zero.

I battled for months, to live, and for years, to recover.

I fought in tribute to the friends and colleagues I lost, and all 2,996 people who were killed that day. I fought to honor our troops, who were fighting on frontlines around the world.

I fought to return to my young son. I fought as hard as I could so the terrorists wouldn’t get one more.

Hillary Clinton stood with me through that fight.

In the darkest of days and the hardest of times, the people who show up mean everything.

Hillary showed up.

She walked into my hospital room and took my bandaged hand in her own. Our connection wasn’t between a senator and her constituent. Our connection was person to person.

She visited, called, and checked in for years, because she cared.

When I needed her, she was there. When our first responders needed her, she was there.

Now our country needs her.

I trusted her when my life was on the line, and she came through. Not for the cameras, not because anyone was watching, but because that’s who she is. Kind. Caring. Loyal.

This is the Hillary Clinton I want you to know. She was there for me. That’s why I’m with Her.