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2016 Republican National Convention
Speech by Marco Rubio

July 20, 2016

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio was a candidate in the 2016 Republican presidential primary. The son of Cuban immigrants who came to America in 1956, Rubio has spent most of his life in West Miami, Florida, leaving only for a six-year period when his parents moved their family to Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2010, Rubio ran for the U.S. Senate. During his term, he has championed efforts to restore the American Dream: Social Security and Medicare reform, greater access to affordable higher education, the revitalization of America’s military, efforts to grow the economy, and the empowerment of states and their citizens in the fight against poverty.

Hillary Clinton has spent her lifetime on the inside of a rigged political system that puts special interests ahead of the American people.

She planted the seeds for the disaster we now know as Obamacare. She was an ultra-liberal senator and a reliable vote for crony capitalism, Wall Street bailouts, middle-class tax hikes and out of control government spending.

She was a key figure in implementing Barack Obama's shameful foreign policy record of appeasing our enemies and betraying our allies and diminishing our role in the world. And she turned her back on the fallen heroes in Benghazi, carelessly jeopardized our national security and then she lied about it to the American people.

Hillary Clinton does not have the honesty, the courage or the independence to be the president we need for the next four years after the president we've had for the past eight. But unlike Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump is committed to cut taxes, curb spending and get our national debt under control. Unlike Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump takes seriously the threats from Islamic radicals and is committed to rebuilding our military. And unlike Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, he is committed to appointing constitutionalist judges, who will respect the proper role of the judiciary.

After a long and spirited primary, the time for fighting each other is over. It's time to come together and fight for a new direction for America.

It's time to win in November.